Water works.

by Russ Kennedy August 12, 2016 2 min read


Man has this been a hot, dry summer! We certainly can feel the heat when we go outside. We need to stay hydrated to keep from getting overwhelmed by these high temperatures and our gardens do as well. Here are a few ways to get the water to our plants and flowers.

Water globe

For potted plants one may consider the simple watering can. This is a good way to get close and personal to the plants, inspecting them for any pests or issues as you give them their daily watering. Watering globes are also a convenient way to keep the potted plants watered while adding a bit of decor. These globes are handy as you fill them with water form the tap, place them in the pot and the plants get water as needed. Just check every couple of days to see if the globe needs to be refilled.

Variable pattern sprinkler head.

Above ground sprinklers are a convenient way of watering the yard or garden. These sprinklers range in style from very simple one pattern of watering to multiple spray pattern selections. Attach one of these to the end of the garden hose, turn on the spigot and you can go about your business while the sprinkler does it’s job. The smaller sprinklers can help you be more direct about the area you wish to be watered over the lawn sprinklers that may cover a larger area than desired.

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Underground sprinkler

Some people go the route of an underground sprinkler system; these typically would be installed by a professional and are most often set with a timer so they are relativity hands free. You can have the sprinkler heads installed for different heights and spray patterns that best suit your needs. One thing to remember with an underground system is to have it winterized if you live in an area that will get freezing temperatures in the winter months. Allowing water to sit in the lines and freeze can cause permanent damage to your system that will require repairs that can be costly.

Soaker hose
Soaker hose

Soaker hoses are another option when it comes to watering the garden and flower beds. They simply attach to the garden hose and you place them in the area of the garden or flower bed where you wish to  water. They are porous so that the water does not spray out but comes out like perspiration, this saturates the ground around the area in which it is placed.

We hope these were some helpful tips on keeping your plants looking lively.

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