September 17, 2018 3 min read

As I sit here writing this, we just celebrated Grandparent's Day with my mother. Grandparents are truly special people and I have so many fond memories of my time spent with my cousins at grandma and grandpa's house. There were always lots of giggling and funny stories being told by my Uncle Joe, playing dominoes with grandpa and grandma taking extra steps to make sure all of us kids were happy.

Thinking about these funny things, made me think about an extremely funny for me, but perhaps more embarrassing moment for my mother, a couple of years ago.

My mother had invited one of her closest friends and her family over for dinner one evening. This friend is actually Amish and she has several daughters, that also came along.

Mom prepared an extra special meal, including fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh green beans from the garden and of course, one of her amazing home made cakes.

Mom has an extremely long dining room table, so we were all sitting around it filling our tummies, laughing about things my dad had done or said, when he was still living and truly sharing an exceptional evening together.

Then it came time to clean up. Our friends are always insistent on helping to clean up, so the mom and all the daughters came to the kitchen with all the dirty plates and pots and pans. I decided that I would do the washing, the girls would do the rinsing and drying and my mom would put the dishes away.

As I continued to wash, what seemed like an unending supply of dishes, the girls were busy drying. The mother asked me if each of them could have a new towel to dry with, since their first one was extremely wet. I pointed to the drawer that held the towels and I proceeded to keep washing. I then heard some commotion next to me and a little bit a giggling. I looked at Fanny, the mother, and she whispered in my ear to look in her apron pocket. So, I dried my hands and pulled what I thought was a towel out of Fanny's apron, only to discover mom's white panties had accidentally ended up in the towel drawer.

Knowing that I did not want to embarrass Fanny, but knew that I was going to crack up giggling too, I looked at Fanny with the biggest smile and said what a peculiar looking dishtowel she had. Well, then the howling began and all 7 of us were absolutely bent over in laughter.
The men became quite curious as to what was so funny, but we were not going to let them see our unique dish towel. As true to my mother, she just smiled and went about to business, only to comment on how in the world did her underwear end up there. This of course, made us laugh even more. I honestly do not remember if we were able to finish the dishes or not.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and friends are meant to laugh with. As we celebrate our grandparents each and every day, take some time to enjoy the memories that were made or that you are currently making.
Perhaps a flag or door mat from, would be the perfect reminder of a cherished time with your family and or friends. Perhaps there is one that would bring a smile to your face or a memory to mind.
Happy Trail Farms reminds you to enjoy the funny parts of life and to embrace each and every moment you have with the special people in your life.

I think I will order this flag set to remind me of our funny evening in the fall.

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