Goodbye Summer!

by Vickie Kulp September 18, 2018 2 min read

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Days are shorter, weather is cooler, kids are back in school. Yes, summer is coming to an end and soon fall will begin. The Fall Equinox begins on September twenty-second.

During fall, I enjoy seeing the green leaves on trees change to shades of orange, red and yellow. We have a big maple tree that is very colorful in the fall.

Geese fly over our house daily in the morning and evening. They are resident geese which means they are here all year round. But of course many geese are migratory geese and fly south for winter, another sign of fall. I love seeing them fly in their V-formation and hear their honking. 

I haven't seen my little female hummingbird for three days now. They usually stay at my house until mid September so evidently she is gone. Earlier in spring there was a male hummingbird too. I put fresh nectar in the feeder four days ago. When I was taking the feeder down, behind me I could hear a buzzing noise. It was the hummingbird coming for a drink. I'm always a little scared when I hear one so close. I think it will stab me with its beak. LOL   

I wonder what hummingbirds will do since Hurricane Florence has caused so much damage and flooding in the Carolinas. Remnants of Florence came thru here in Virginia yesterday bringing downpours and tornado warnings. I assume many fly to Florida thru the Carolinas. Nature is amazing though and knows what to do to survive. I took this photo four days ago.


The groundhogs will hibernate when the weather gets colder. I often throw vegetable scraps out in the yard for them. I haven't seen one for a long time but I don't think  they are hibernating yet.  Watch this funny video of a groundhog and cat I captured on my trail camera.

Hopefully the green tomatoes on our one plant will ripen before cold weather. Home grown tomatoes taste so much better than store bought ones. 

 I'll soon get out my fall decorations such as my garden and house flags. Flags are an easy and fun way to decorate your yard all year round. has a huge selection of products! CLICK HERE to check outthe over one-thousand fall products they have like flags, mailbox covers, door mats, signs and more. Get ready to welcome fall!


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September 21, 2018

I wondered too about the hummingbirds as they head away from Kentucky where I live. To head down south for winter with the Carolinas in such destruction. I still have two at my house right now. The temperature is still in the upper 80’s with a heat index in the 90’s. But rain and cooler temperatures are predicted for the coming week so they may move on. Maybe now I’ll get in the mood for fall decorating.

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