September 19, 2018 2 min read

Think about a typical backyard. You have your gorgeous flowers, delicious fruit, and succulent vegetables. Of course there are other stuff as well, such as decorations, sheds, and other non living but equally beautiful objects which make a garden unique. Then, of course, a fence gets seen. Not necessarily wanted by all gardeners but needed nonetheless. The good thing, however, is that with years of experience with these large sheets of plain wood, is that many gardeners have gotten creative in how they have decorated their fences. Here are a few popular methods to get you inspired.

  1. Discover your inner Picasso
    Painted Fence

    A mural is a painting that is painted directly onto the surface that is displaying it, such as a wall, ceiling or, in this case, a garden fence! The best thing about this method of decorating is that all you need to purchase is weather proof paint. This type of paint can be found at a local hardware or outdoor store at a reasonable price. After purchasing the paint, you can let your imagination soar! Popular images include typical gardening images such as flowers, plants, bugs, animals, etc. However, you can paint anything that you want. Or, if you are not good with a paintbrush, hire someone to do it for you.

  2. Make it magical with fairy lights
    Garden Lights

    A popular method of modern decoration has been strings of electric lights. These are called fairy lights. Fairy lights have seen a recent graduation from only being used on Christmas trees to being used during the whole year on practically anything. These lights come in every coloured of the rainbow as well as different shapes, sizes and styles.

  3. Put up some nail ups
    Nail Ups on Fence

    If you have a handful of nails and a trusty hammer, you can be half way there to creating a beautiful garden fence. Gardeners can nail up practically anything. Fabric flag and banners, to metallic birds and other animals, to plastic stars and hearts. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure, as a precaution, that if you live in an area that is known for its extreme weather that its highly recommended to make sure that your nail ups are securely placed on your fence

  4. Or...grow some more plants!
    Plants on Fence

    Don’t look at your fence as the stopping point of your garden. Look at your fence as a continuation of your garden instead. Many gardeners have practiced the method of vertical growing. Vertical growing is a method in which a plant is manipulated to grow on a vertical surface. This can be done either from the ground or directly placed on the surface. Some plants are better at this than others such as morning glories, ivy, roses, and such. Smaller plants, such as herbs and ferns, can easily be planted in a small bag or pot which can be nailed up onto a fence.


We hope you enjoyed this easy guide on decorating garden fences!

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