October 18, 2019 3 min read

Boo! Did I scare you? Embrace in the glow of jack-o-lanterns with creepy grins, inhale the spooky sweet scent of billions of fun-sized candy bars, dress yourself up in your scariest monster costume and gaze upon a screen displaying the wickedest adventures of the paranormal that will send shivers down your spine. Halloween is here! What a fangtasctic time of the year! It's also clear to see why.

The autumn holiday which is Halloween can be personalized to every ghoul depending on their preferred level of scariness. Perhaps you are a horror fanatic. In that case, you can delve into the dark unknown of scaring yourself, as well as others, down to the bone with haunted houses, horror movies, scary stories and monsters that crawl from their grave.

On the other hand, maybe you're a fan of the kooky spooky side of Halloween instead? If this is the case, then you will probably enjoy fun Halloween activities associated with this spooktacular holiday such as carving jack o lanterns, chomping down of Halloween candy, dressing up in a fun costume and trick or treating all night long. As you can see, Halloween is for everyone and can be celebrated in a ton of different ways. One way in which you can celebrate Halloween is with a spooktacular garden flag! A Halloween themed garden flag is a great idea as this fall holiday is strongly tied to decorating your house, inside and out, in spooky decorations. Therefore, here are some ideas for some bootiful Halloween garden flags!

Do The Monster Mash!`

witch flagWerewolves, vampires, monsters, witches and ghosts. Which ones scare you the most? Halloween is the one time of the year where monsters can crawl out of hiding and hang out with us humans without fear of being judged. Why? Because if you're into the Halloween spirit you will be dressed up just like them! This is why it's a great idea to incorporate your favourite monster onto your Halloween flag. Also, there are many different types of monsters out there to choose from. Slimy sea monsters, to fuzzy werewolves, to freaky ghosts and dancing skeletons, to fuzzy boogeymen and even the more humanoid witches and werewolves, which one will you be doing the monster mash with?

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Shriek And Eek!

Certain animals are associated with Halloween as well. From unlucky black cats to flapping bats and watchful owls, these animals of the night know how to celebrate Halloween and therefore, would make a nice home on your Halloween flag.

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I Want Candy!

monster flag

Probably the most common, and not to mention a delicious, way to celebrate Halloween is by trick or treating on October 31st which is Halloween night. Trick or treating is the art going door to door to collect candy in your trick or treat bag. This results in a super sweet munching session when you get back to your home at the end of the night with a good Halloween themed film playing on the television. You can add this Halloween tradition onto your garden flag by adding images of candy, as well as trick or treating scenes. 

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pumpkin flagAnother favourite tradition that is practiced for the Halloween season is by carving a face or any design onto a pumpkin. This would make the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern which can then be lit up during the night time by placing a burning candle inside the frightful or funny smiling gourd. A Jack-o-lantern is a bootiful addition to any home for Halloween and would, as a result, be a spooktacular addition to any Halloween flag. 

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