October 25, 2019 2 min read

With September now in full swing, it’s back to school season for students in the northern hemisphere. Every weekday morning kids of all ages are swinging on their backpacks and boarding the bus. You can’t walk into your local mall without seeing pencils, crayons, notebooks and other stationery items on sale.

The sounds of school bells ringing now tell you what time it is today. Each school has different rules, different faces and different hallways which create an environment that is ideal to learn and have fun in. However, one thing that remains constant in any school that you visit is the pride that the students hold in going to their selected school. There is no better way to display your pride than with a gorgeous flag. This fact is no less true when it comes to school. Therefore, here is a guide on how to show your school pride with a flag. Here are some common school pride inducing flag ideas. 

Mascot Flags

Panthers Mini Flag


Are you a ferocious wolf? Or is your school known as the home of the high flying falcons? Perhaps you are one of many proud Vikings that attend your school. Schools are known for having mascots. A mascot is usually an animal or creature that is a symbol of an organization or place. Mascots are meant to exemplify certain positive characteristics that are associated and celebrated with their assigned organizations or places. A mascot can also become a friendly and common face that allows people to rally behind one key element. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why a mascot is a perfect image to display on a school flag.

Crest Flags

Crest Flag


Many schools who enforce a dress code often require students to wear the crest of their school on their uniforms. Yet regardless of the dress code, each school has its crest. Crests date back to ancient times where they would stand almost as a last name to members of one family. No two crests are alike. This is why having your school’s crest on your flag is a perfect idea to show your proud feeling of being a part of a certain school. Each part of a crest has a different meaning. Even the shape of the crest itself has its symbolism. Many crests feature animals, objects, shapes and quotes as well as a distinctive shield-like shape.

Names, Titles and Quotes

Inspirational Garden Flag


Many schools also have a certain quote that is often said by their students during pep rallies, sporting events, competitions and assemblies. These oaths are often words to live by which induce positive actions and remind students of the school's main goal. Quotes are words of wisdom and virtues that are to be practiced. So what better way to practice these important values than by displaying them on a school flag? What better way to say to the world that “This is my school!” than to write out your school's name on a pride soaked flag?

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