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Although it’s a holiday that is not associated with any major forms of shopping, specific foods, long-held traditions or interesting decorations, Veterans Day is still a very important day none the less.

An interesting fact about Veterans Day is that it is also known as Armistice Day, Poppy Day and Remembrance Day depending on where you are on the planet. Veterans Day is celebrated every year on the 11th day in November. In fact, on the 11th hour of this 11th day of the 11th month, which is November, people are encouraged to stop what they are doing to take a moment of silence.

This moment of silence that is experienced across the country is meant to symbolize what occurred at this same time in 1918 where the main countries involved during the First World War mutually agreed to order their troops to lower their guns and therefor cease fighting. This cease fire ended World War I. Every year since this event occurred, November 11th has been known as remembrance day and is celebrated in many countries around the globe.

Veterans Day is about reflecting on our violent past by honouring the fallen yet brave soldiers who fought for what they believed. However, at the same time, Veterans Day is also meant to remember that brave people are still fighting today for their hopes, dreams and freedom. Likewise, Veterans Day is not just about remembering World War I, but spans to include World war II, the Vietnam war, the war in Afghanistan and other conflicts that have happened or are still happening all across our earth and through history.

It is important to acknowledge our history as not to forget where we came from, the progress we made and the valiant stories of the important people who fought for what they believe in so that we could have the privileges that we have today. So what better way to honour the fallen and fighting than with a commemorative Veterans Day themed garden flag? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Poppies Garden Flag
As previously mentioned, Veterans Day is also known as Poppy Day. Veterans Day is known as Poppy Day in some areas due to the ritual of wearing a poppy on this special day. Poppies are flowers with a black centre and 4 round and deeply coloured red petals. Poppies are associated with Veterans Day because these flowers grew around the tombstones of the fallen soldiers in European fields where World War I took place. Due to these facts, poppies are a beautiful addition to Veterans Day flags.

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War-Related Items

Thank You House Flag
Veterans Day is all about remembering and honouring the brave men and women who participated in the war effort either back then or in the present moment. War is a violent occurrence no matter what the reason is or what side you are fighting on. Since Veterans Day puts so much emphasis on war, objects that are associated with this event can make a notable imprint on any Veterans Day garden flag. For instance, soldiers can be a great image to include on a Veterans Day garden-themed flag as they are the ones who do or did the fighting. Also, you can include images of weapons, equipment and other materials associated with war as these were the tools that soldiers used or currently use. to fight with.

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November 04, 2019

I am from a Family of Navy, Air force and Army Veterans! My Dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor! I love the Thank you Flag you designed because it expresses Heart Felt Feelings for the Families of Our Veterans… Thank You!!!

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