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Valentine's Day is February fourteen. Many people will be giving flowers to loved ones. Roses are likely the most popular but did you know there are some plants with leaves or blooms shaped like flowers? Here are some I found--

HEART FERN has heart shaped leaves. It likes light to full shade and prefers room temperature around sixty degrees.  Keep soil consistently moist. It will grow six to twelve inches high.  Flagsrus.org has a monogram flag outlined with fern leaves HERE. 

PHILODENDRON leaves have a slight heart shape to them. They are very easy to grow and can get out of hand if you don't pinch off "leggy" runners. The one pictured above is my mother's. It was given to her a few years ago. She has broke off many long pieces. It likes normal room temperature. During spring thru fall, keep soil lightly moist. In winter allow surface to dry out between waterings. Over watering causes yellow leaves. Even if you don't have a green thumb, I think this plant will thrive if taken care of.

BLEEDING HEART is a perfect example of a heart shaped flower. In the photo above is my plant. I've had it many years. I love it but it doesn't bloom long. It blooms in April and May but when hot summer heat comes it starts to die back. It likes a cool shady area. Mine gets the morning sun. When foliage has turned yellow and/or brown, cut it off to the ground. Don't cut until it has completely died. It's a perennial so it comes back each year. It's a favorite of mine.


STRING OF HEARTS looks just like it's name. It's also called Rosary Vine. It looks best in a hanging pot in bright light. Keep slightly moist in spring and summer. Water sparingly in fall and winter. It prefers normal room temperature. Prune when it starts getting "leggy". This flag HERE on flagsrus.org has a vine along with flowers. I might actually order a String Of Hearts vine since our kitchen has ivy decor.

Look at all the flower related items on flagsrus.org HERE. There are a lot!

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Cheryl Alexander
Cheryl Alexander

January 28, 2019

All these flowers and plants are just beautiful Vickie, thanks for sharing your blog.

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