September 06, 2019 2 min read

It can be argued that every house needs a washroom. Sure, in the past we all lived with the glorious outhouse. Or, even before that, a ditch dug out back sufficed. Yes, likely, your washroom isn't necessarily the main room in your home that you want to hang out in but it is important none the less. A washroom typically only has the necessary appliances inside of it. This usually consists of a shower stall or bathtub, a sink, a toilet and perhaps a cabinet too. Considering this, we can figure out that there is a lot of space that is present in your bathroom. Therefore, why not get creative and fill up this space by decorating it with flags? Here is a guide on how to decorate your washroom with flags. 

Outline Your Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Flag

Every full function bathroom has a mirror in it. This being said, why not decorate your washroom mirror with flags. However, if you choose this decorating option you have to keep in mind that the purpose of any mirror is so that you can see your reflection. Since this is the case, it is recommended that you keep your mirror flag decorations to a minimal. A simple solution to this restriction is to outline the frame of your mirror with a small yet still decorative garland of miniature flags. 

Substitute Your Shower Curtains 

American Flag Shower Curtain

Whether you prefer to have a quick and steamy shower or a bubbly and long bath, as long as you live with another person in your home, it's a good idea to have some type of shower curtain. You know, to prevent certain awkward moments. This being said, why not use flags as a shower curtain? The best way to use flags as a shower curtain is to buy large rectangular flags that will stretch the height of your washroom and then insert metal rings along one edge of the flag. You can then hang up your flag around your shower stall or bathtub by looping the metal rings around a circular and suspended the frame  

Find the Right Towels

Flag Bathroom Towels

A well-prepared washroom is always stocked with clean and fresh towels. Saying this, why not purchase flag-themed towels to use in your bathroom? Common places where you might be able to purchase flag-themed towels include specialty bath stores, home hardware stores, discount stores or even online retailers. You can find both hand towels and body towels with flag designs. Once you have your beautiful flag towels you can then decide on a method of storing them. Some people decide to fold up their towels and stack them in a cabinet but another popular way of storing towels is to hang them on a hook or rack. If you choose this second option of storing your flag-themed towels then you will get a better view of their designs when they are not currently in use and therefore you will have a more flag festive bathroom. 

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