August 30, 2019 2 min read

Many people can agree that your bedroom is supposed to be the comfiest place in your home. A bedroom is, after all, the room that you sleep in. With its cozy blankets, fluffy pillows and snooze inducing bed, this statement becomes obvious. As a side note, a bedroom is also a very personal room. This is because of the fact that a bedroom is also the room you decorate to reflect you as a person. This self reflection can include what music you like, your style, your favourite colour and more. One way in which you can show your personality in your bedroom is by decorating it with flags! Here is a guide on how to decorate your bedroom with flags. 

Snuggle Up

Chair Flag

Who doesn’t love their bed? This warm, snuggable and comfortable piece of furniture is always there to welcome you at the end of a hard day. So why not make your bed even more welcoming by covering it in flags? You can use a flag instead of a blanket or, if you’re handy with a sewing needle and thread, turn your flag into a pillow case.   

Deck Out Your Desk

Desk Flag

Many people have a desk in their bedroom   This can be credited to the recent increase in stay at home jobs such as those which can be done completely online. This being said, another reason to why many people have a desk in their bedroom is due to the recent trend in downscaling concerning homes along with minimalist living. Whatever the reason is for having your bedroom double as your office, there’s always the option of decorating your desk with flags! There are many desks that exist and all of them have unique features that other desks might not have. For example, if your desk has a book shelf feature, then you can hang a garland of flags around the bookshelf’s edge. Likewise, if desk has a lot of counter area, feel free to display miniature flags on or inside pencil holders. 

A Poster Substitute 

Bedroom Flag

Who needs pictures of celebrities staring out at you from your walls when you can have a beautiful flag instead?! You can put up a flag in place of a poster on your bedroom walls but you will probably need to use pins instead of the standard tape since flag fabric is heavier than poster paper. As another idea, you can always frame your flag instead and nail up the finished product as a result. 

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