August 23, 2019 2 min read

Remember those plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments with spindly thin metal legs that were popular decades ago? Well, now instead of those you can display a colorful pink flamingo garden flag in your yard. FlagsRUs has several to choose from. 

Flamingo Garden Linen Garden Flag

There is also Pink Flamingo Day! Each year it's celebrated on June twenty-third to honor Dean Mazzaralla, the creator of the iconic pink flamingo lawn ornament. Although,  the holiday has passed at the time this blog is written, having a pink flamingo garden flag in your yard will be a bright addition anytime. Look at the Flamingo Garden Linen Garden Flag above. Isn't it pretty? This is a new flag on FlagsRUs and it's currently on sale! Linen flags are made of high quality polyester based linen like fabric. Read more HERE.

Beach Lovers Glitter Trends Garden  Flag

Above is the Beach Lovers Glitter Trends Double Sided Garden Flag. It has a little bit of glitter on the flamingos. This flag is on sale now. Read about the flag HERE. 

Good Vibe Tribe Premier Soft Double Sided Garden Flag

Look at the three buddies on the Good Vibe Tribe Garden Flag pictured above. I wonder what the toucan, flamingo and parrot are talking about. Ha Ha This flag is on sale now also. Check it out HERE. 

Pink flamingo flags aren't just for displaying in warm weather. Look at the two Christmas/Winter themed flags above. The Holiday Flamingo garden flag features a pink flamingo wearing a Santa hat and holding an ornament in it's beak. This flag is on sale HERE.  Look at those funny dressed flamingos on the Festive Flamingos garden flag. It's on sale too HERE!

To see more pink flamingo garden flags look HERE.  Look at the two current deals above! If you're ordering for the first time, use code WELCOME10 to save ten percent off your order. Already a satisfied customer of Flagsrus? For limited time you can BUY ONE FLAG, GET ANOTHER FOR TEN PERCENT OFF.


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