August 16, 2019 2 min read

The kitchen is an important room in your house for many reasons. First of all, and most obviously, is that a kitchen is a place for making food. Many appliances are usually available in most kitchens to do this such as a stove, microwave, blender, toaster and more.

Also, a kitchen is where you store food as well. This can be in your fridge, your freezer and your pantry. However, the kitchen is more than just a place for storing food. It must be remembered that a kitchen can also be used as a room to eat food in as well, since many kitchens nowadays double as a dining room or are in an open concept floor plan. Y

es, a kitchen is an essential room that every house needs to have in order to feel like a home. Nothing brings friends and family together more than a delicious meal. That being said, why not decorate your kitchen to make it feel even more welcoming? You can decorate your kitchen in many different ways but one sure way to spice up the look of your kitchen is by displaying beautiful flags here and there. Here are some ways in which you can decorate your kitchen with flags. 

Hanging Flags From Your Window

Kitchen Flag

Most kitchens have at least one window and this creates the perfect opportunity to show off your gorgeous flags. For instance, you can use flags in place of blinds or curtains. On the other hand, you can hang a garland of flags around your window or across your window sill instead. A window surely can be your best friend when it comes to decorating your kitchen with flags. 

Cover Your Stove Vents

Kitchen Vent Flag

For anyone who doesn’t know what a stove vent is, let’s learn. Stove vent is the rectangular structure that is located above your stove top. The purpose of a stove vent is to capture the smoke that is created when cooking so that you can breathe easier. Doesn’t that sound useful? So useful, in fact, that is should be dressed up with a flag, shouldn’t it? An easy way to do this is by looping the corners of a standard rectangular flag around the edges of your stove vent using some type of string-like material. Just be careful not to have any part of your flag hanging low off of your stove vent in order to prevent it from catching fire while cooking. 

Kitchen Table Flags

Kitchen Table With Flag

Many kitchens nowadays double as a dining room either with a table placed in the kitchen or through an open concept floor plan. A table is a perfect place in your kitchen to show off your flags. There are multiple ways in which a table can be a beautiful display area for your flag. First off, you can simply drape a flag over your table's surface as a tablecloth. Also, you can also place flags in a vase full of flowers or in just a vase by itself to create a beautiful centrepiece in the middle of your table. The possibilities are endless!

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