August 09, 2019 2 min read

A "Welcome" flag is a very useful flag for everyone. FlagsRUs has lots of garden size Welcome flags! I'll showcase just a few here in this blog.

A Welcome flag would be a perfect gift for a new home owner, for someone's first flag or for a flag lover that already has a collection of flags. Garden flags are easy to display - just hang the flag on a garden flag pole. You can move it around in your yard. 

Are you a business owner? A Welcome flag would be perfect to display in front of your store or other business. If you're a realtor you could give a Welcome flag to a client who purchased a home from you. A Welcome garden flag is perfect for everyone!

Basically, a Welcome flag welcomes people into your home or business, making them feel comfortable and at ease!

Here are some of our best selling Welcome flags!

Hummingbird Welcome Flag

Above, the Happy Hummingbird Double Sided garden flag is very colorful with a ruby throated hummingbird at pretty morning glories. More information HERE. 

For a gift for someone, pair the Happy Hummingbird flag with a hummingbird feeder like mine pictured above. The recipient will enjoy watching these little birds.

Strawberry Basket Welcome Flag

I love ripe, juicy strawberries like the ones on the Basket Of Strawberries Appliqued garden flag above. The basket has a little bow on it too. Details are HERE.

Funny Farm Welcome Flag

Look at the bunch of goofy farm animals on the Funny Farm Animals Double Sided garden flag above! One cow has it's tongue sticking out! Ha! Ha! You can order yours HERE. 

Beach Themed Welcome Flag

Wouldn't you like to be sitting in one of the chairs on the Beach Chairs Welcome Double Sided garden flag above? Looks relaxing. Flag details are HERE

 Fall Welcome Flag

It's summer now but fall will be here in a few months so get a new fall flag like the brightly colored Pumpkin Trio Sunflowers Double Sided garden flag above and HERE.

Butterfly Welcome Flag

Look at the pretty Butterfly Welcome Pink Linen garden flag above. I like it not only because it's pretty but it's not rectangle shape like most flags. It's shape is the outline of the butterfly. Click HEREto read more about it. 

Color Your Own Welcome Flag

Wouldn't you like to be able to color your own flag? Well you can with the eight markers that come with the Butterfly Color Me Double Appliqued garden flag shown above and details HERE. 

So that's just a very few of the Welcome garden flags available on You can see all of them by clicking HERE.  Buy one flag and get another for 10% off!


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