January 24, 2020 3 min read

Displaying flags in your yard is a fun way to decorate for a holiday, special event, season or anytime! It's so easy to do also. You only need a flag and a pole or hanger to display it on.  Installing a pole or hanger is easy.

In ground poles are easily installed by using your foot to push the pole stake into the ground. You might have to try a few times to get the pole in due to hard ground or hitting a rock or other hard object that prevents going further in ground. It might be best if you already have the flag on the pole as you are installing in the ground. This way you can guide the pole so the flag is hanging straight as the pole is going in. It doesn't matter if you do it this way or install the pole "first" and "then" hang the flag. 

Wall mount brackets come with hardware to mount the bracket. You'll need a screwdriver.

Flagsrus.org has several ways to display your garden and/or house flag whether it be on an in ground holder or a wall mounted hanger. All easily installed.

Garden Flag Holders

Let's look at a few ways to install garden flag holders. For pet lovers, there are two cute flag poles featuring a dog or a cat. The Dog Garden Flag Stand seen comes with a metal silhouette of a dog that is easily attached to the pole using two wing nuts supplied. See photo above. There is also one for cat lovers. To install either pole just use your foot to push the h-stake into the ground.

The Fancy Swirl Wall Mount Garden Flag Hanger above is installed by using two screws supplied. The flag is easily displayed by sliding it thru the open end on the bottom bar. 

The Estate Scroll Garden Flag Stand is not only elegant, it's so easy to use. Just slide the flag pole through your flag opening and place the pole back on the stand. Now put this stand anywhere- in the yard, on your deck, on your porch, etc. No installing in ground. Just place where you want it.  

House Flag Holders

Now let's display your house flag. The Large Yard Decorative House Flag Holderseen above comes in three pieces and is easily assembled. It has the h-stake which goes in the ground by pushing down on it with your foot. I also have used a long handled sledge hammer to pound the stake in the ground. IMPORTANT- If you try this, do light taps so you can gauge the straightness of the pole as it goes in the ground.


You can also hang a house flag on your house by installing a House Flag Installation Kit seen above. Just install the bracket using four screws provided. Then slide your flag on the pole and insert the pole end into the bracket. This bracket has two positions to hang your flag- slanted or horizontally.  Just put the pole in the hole of desired position.

The photo above shows a flag displayed in a slanted position. As you can see, this bracket allows hanging a flag on a porch railing, side of house, on another building, etc. 


There is also the Adjustable Metal Bracket shown above. This bracket can be adjusted to different positions to display your house flag by easily loosening and tightening a wing bolt. 

These are just a few ways to display your flags. As you can see, it's easy to install all of them. Look at more house flag poles and brackets HERE. Garden flag accessories can be seen HERE.

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