July 08, 2017 2 min read

Growing up on a dairy farm, my dad always said the corn crop needed to be knee high by the 4th of July in order to be ready for harvest in the fall, so I decided to take my youngest daughter out and do a test. As you can see by the picture, the corn crop is exceeding dad's standards.

My vegetable garden is also getting bigger and bigger by the minute, and I have already began harvesting kale, lettuce, peas, radishes and have even dug the first hill of baby red potatoes. There is such anticipation for creamed potatoes and fresh peas, straight from the garden. One of the many blessings of having your own garden or going to the farmers market every week is to enjoy the fruit of the harvest. 

As the garden and crops continue to grow, I think of fall and the fact that it is already July. I get excited about the wonderful crop of tomatoes, corn on the cob, peppers and so much more that will need to be canned and preserved for the winter pantry. Autumn is such a beautiful time, and FlagsRUs has a wide variety of flags, mailbox covers, and welcome mats that create just the right statement. I think of sunflowers, the leaves changing colors, and farmers in the fields.  

As I head out to pick the blueberries and sour cherries and to check on the blackberries, I am reminded of the amazing freedom we enjoy in this our country and know that it too is the fruit from the harvest of many who have fought so hard to defend our country and our freedoms. We always need to keep this in mind and to show our respect and thankfulness to those who serve in our armed forces.  Take a look at the patriotic flags, that can be displayed year round and that help remind us of the privilege of having such freedom.

Look at all the wonderful veggies and a touch of fruit I was able to gather today! 

My mom has the peas picked over and is cooking the potatoes, and the aroma is filling the house.  We also raise our own beef, so to complete the meal, she has made this delicious meatloaf. Now it's time to enjoy this amazing meal, all from The Happy Trail Farm! Come on over, because dinner is ready! YUM!  

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