July 07, 2017 2 min read

Ah! The glories of summer flowers in oranges, pinks, fuchsias and purples!

Purple is so rich - the color of royalty. And purple flowers add a depth and richness to the color palette of a garden. Summer oranges, pinks and fuchsias are not the pale versions of spring, but the vibrant hot colors, the splash, the fun, the pretty ones. I love the brilliant colors of summer flowers.

To me, however, the most beautiful flower in a garden is a child. Is there any better or safer place for them to imagine, to play, to touch, and to explore with all their senses? And little brains cache these pleasant sensations to create memories of peace and beauty.

The velvety touch of petunia petals and their peppery scent remind me of Thelma and Marilyn, her daughter–our neighbors next to the house where I grew up. Thelma always planted petunias on the border between our properties. We adored Thelma and Marilyn. They would sit on their front steps every pleasant summer evening, talking to neighbors (especially us children!) and sewing.

 Because of associations like that, flower gardens are special to me. To me, and I suspect most flower gardeners, they provide a unique retreat. In a personal space like this, words add power to our vibrant summer sense memories–thus, garden flags or signs with words of encouragement or reassurance or inspiration.

 Flags and signs can even speak when we can’t find the words to rekindle this sense of “home” to others: “Believe.” “God Has You In His Keeping, We Have You In Our Hearts” “Love Always Wins.”

 To further help express your thoughts, check out our assortment of inspirational house and garden flags here.


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