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Watermelon is the stuff of summer. To me, nothing captures the spirit and fun of summer days more than enjoying the refreshing, simple goodness of watermelon. Just as I did as a child, I still get excited when I spot that first glorious pile of melons at the grocery store, as it signifies the changing seasons; school is over, spring has passed, and lazy days filled with watermelon lie ahead.

Even the colors of a watermelon are festive and welcoming. Who can refuse a juicy slice at a picnic, barbeque, or 4th of July celebration? Balled or sliced, in smoothies, salsas or sorbets, the possibilities are endless!  Did you know every part of this cousin of the cucumber is edible, even the rind and seeds? This fact blurs the line of whether watermelons are a fruit or vegetable, as many claim it has attributes of both!

At 92% water, watermelons are extremely hydrating and revitalizing on hot summer days, but their benefits go way beyond mere hydration. Watermelon reduces inflammation, helps with high blood pressure, and supports the health of your heart, muscles, kidneys and immune system. Go eat some right now! Even the Egyptians, more than five thousand years ago, thought so highly of this food that watermelons are depicted in hieroglyphics!

July is watermelon's official month, but August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Why not celebrate with a friendly watermelon doormat to welcome guests, or a cheerful door swag to decorate any door, inside or out?  Garden flags and mailbox covers add colorful points of interest to your yard as well, and are a modern alternative to carving watermelon images into your fence or siding. Get creative and enjoy the season!

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July 03, 2017

I learned some new facts about my favorite summer fruit/vegetable either way it’s a mouthwatering treat and your pictures makes you want to take a bite ..
They are so realistic .. creative writing..
Enjoyed reading it ❤️Mom

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