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When I was young, I LOVED Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA, and my favorite song? In My Own Little Corner.I belted it (unlike the beautiful and fragile Leslie Ann Warren), especially the part that went: “In my own little corner... I can be whatever I want to be. I’m a thief in Calcutta, I’m a queen in Peru, I’m a mermaid dancing upon the sea, I’m a huntress on an African safari; (It’s a dangerous kind type sport and yet it’s fun).” That song set my imagination on fire.

Like Cinderella, we all need a safe spot to dream and meditate. These days, mine is at the table on my patio, surrounded by my flowers and herbs and warbled at by my wren. The serenity permeates my very being when I sit out there with my morning tea. Tension flees, and my child-like fancies can take flight.

At this time of year, I dream of beaches. I love the ocean, even though I live far from it and don't get there as often as I'd like. I close my eyes and imagine the constant low roar of the waves, the screeching of seagulls, the softness of ocean spray on my face and the pleasant feel of hot sand under my bare feet. In my mind’s eye, I scan the endless blue horizon.

Garden flags help transform my already lovely space and transport me to that place I love. Whether it’s ‘a mermaid dancing upon the sea’ or seahorses frolicking or a batch of pretty seashells or diving dolphins or silly crabs, FlagsRUs has some great designs that compliment my beach fantasies.

If you’d rather escape on a sailboat, or to an English rose garden, or into the woodlands, we have garden and house flags for those as well. 

Sometimes, a word of encouragement in your own little corner does a world of good. We have inspirational and devotional flags to remind you that ‘every day is a gift from God’ and that ‘with God nothing is impossible.’

If you don’t have ‘your own little corner,’ make one – whether it’s your front porch, a balcony, or a spot by a sunny window with a plant in it. Add a house or garden flag to help set the scene, if you like.

Summer’s just beginning! Enjoy your corner of the sky, relax and let your imagination take flight.

For those of us who love contests, FlagsRUs has another one! Click on the following link for more information:https://www.flagsrus.org/pages/flagsrus-contest

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Linda Moritz
Linda Moritz

June 28, 2017

Laura, I love this post! While I’m not familiar with that song, I love the concept. So nicely written!

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