August 02, 2018 2 min read

This morning I woke up, made my coffee, and decided to sit on my porch to enjoy it. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in Wisconsin, so I was pretty sure this was going to be my only chance to be outside.

As I was enjoying the beauty of the countryside, I was pretty sure I could see the plants in my garden actually getting bigger. We have had plenty of rain and now with the hot and humid weather, they are doing very well.

The anticipation of the taste of the first vegetables makes it hard for me to be patient. I love fresh garden produce, and the taste is like none other.

In life we know that we have to be patient for so many things. The anticipation of the birth of a baby, for a child to start school or graduate from school, to find the right person to marry, or on your wedding day. We learn that we have to be patient and wait for the seed to grow, for the timing to be right, for the fruit to be produced.

A garden is a quiet place to reflect as you wait for a great event, and the FlagsRUs website is the perfect place to find a flag that encourages you, celebrates great events, gives you hope for your tomorrow, or allows you to enjoy your today while you wait for what is in your future. 

I love this welcome mat that greets my visitors and family everyday. It reminds me that today is the perfect day, and I need to be patient while all things are growing and that the fruit will definitely come!

Happy Trail Farms wishes you a beautiful summer, while we all practice our patience and let things grow.

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