July 08, 2018 2 min read

For years, every spring I have eagerly anticipated the arrival of hummingbirds to my hummingbird feeder. It amazes me how these tiny fragile birds fly thousands of miles! 

I remember many years ago seeing my first hummingbird on my grandmother's hummingbird feeder. Her feeder hung outside at her kitchen window. She loved all birds and had several different feeders throughout her yard.


I only have one hummingbird feeder, but it has ports for four hummingbirds. I've never seen more than one on the feeder at a time though, even if there are more around. It's first come, first served! If one hummingbird is on the feeder it doesn't let another land there. It's funny to watch them chase each other. They are so fast!

Hummingbirds also like funnel shaped flowers that they can stick their long beak in. They like bright colored ones the most, especially red. I planted gladiolas bulbs this spring. They are now blooming in red, pink and orange, colors that hummingbirds like. When I planted the bulbs it never crossed my mind that the hummingbirds would be attracted to them. Yesterday morning I was sitting outside when I saw a hummingbird zip in and out of the gladiolas. I will definitely plant more next year. To bring some flowery loveliness to your own yard, no matter your climate, stop by to see all of the summer flower flags that flagsrus.org has here. 

This is one of my gladiolas below.

If you want to enjoy the antics of these little birds hang a hummingbird feeder. The mixture is a four to one ratio meaning four parts water to one part sugar. Please don't add red food coloring. As long as the feeder has red on it they will go to it.

Flagsrus.org also has hummingbird flags, mailbox covers, door mats and more! Look at all of the items here. 

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