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You've probably seen on the Internet those funny images and memes of the "crazy cat lady" who has lots of cats. Well, I'm a crazy cat lady! I care for a total of nine cats! One cat is my domestic cat named Lola. She lives strictly inside with my mother and me. The other eight cats are feral. A feral cat is one that lives outside and has little or no contact with humans.

My mother and I started caring for the feral cats in August of 2016. Our elderly neighbor had cared for feral cats for many years until she was no longer physically able to do it after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. 

I believe it was nine cats at the time we started feeding them but since then some have gone away or disappeared. Also three more kittens were born.

So the final count turned out to be eight. That's a lot of cats to care for! Of course we didn't want the colony to continue multiplying so we spayed and neutered all of them. Boy, that was fun. Not! We had to trap each one since they weren't tame. It took months to do, but I can proudly say all eight are now "fixed." They are still feral by living solely outside, but they have become a little more tame. I can pet three. I have also sneaked a pet on each one while they are busy eating (ha ha).

We've turned our garage into a big cat house with beds, toys and scratching posts, and I've named them all. There is Iris the one eyed cat, Leo is black and the only male, Callie is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat, Smokey is a gray cat, Mary and Louie are both black and rounding out the gang are Tucker and Oreo each being black and white. Here's a photo of Oreo by a favorite flag of hers. She's a little annoyed because the birds aren't real! Looking for a colorful bird flag for your garden? CLICK HERE. 

Although this has been a stressful and expensive adventure we are glad we were able to save these little rascals! Every day is a new adventure for all of us.

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Denise Duff
Denise Duff

July 16, 2018

We did the same, back in 2009 we had a feral family of 24 cats, it took us over a year to TNR all of them. It’s a hard job, but well worth it. Now 9 years later, we have 7 left outside that we feed & take are of. We love them all !!🤗🤗

Vicki H
Vicki H

June 30, 2018

It is so very hard but rewarding having a colony of cats.

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