July 09, 2015 1 min read


With summer in full swing, there is nothing like a day at the beach. Kids playing in the sand, soaking up some sunshine and the sound of the waves rolling into shore, so relaxing.

pr52994A day at the beach is like a little mini vacation, makes us wish we could take it all home with us. We may not be able to get the beach to your backyard, but we can help give a splash of beach decor to your home. This blue crab and seashell mailbox coverwill start you on your mini beach mode as you pull in the driveway.


Sit out in a lawn chair in your yard and gaze at your  beach themed flag and let the daydreams take you back to the thoughts of the fresh air and toes dipped into the cool water. You probably have gone searching for seashells, pretty rocks or even a unique piece of driftwood, maybe you even have a small collection at home.



Here’s a thought, make yourself a little beach garden by adding little area of sand and some of your beach treasures, this would really be fun! Surrounding the yard with flags of shells, sand and beach toys could make your yard a private oasis.tl2069s

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