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A few weeks ago I saw a program on television about bee keeping. What was most interesting is that it was every day people who were getting into the bee keeping as a hobby of sorts. The bee population has dropped significantly over the past few years and has raised awareness to the need to bring the bee population back up.

tl8340sSome people still get worked up and freak out when bees come around, but bees, not wasps or hornets, have really no interest in stinging anyone. Bees just want to go about their business of making honey. As you may know bees are an important part of pollinating flowers and plants to help the growth cycle. The by-product of the bee’s hard work is of course delicious honey.

Recently in my travels I met a lady who is just studying about bees and learning the bee keeping trade. She was a wealth of knowledge and even brought me right up close to her hives. The television program instructed to stay out of the bee’s flight pattern and remain quiet and the bees will not want to sting you, so I felt very comfortable near the bees following that rule. It was amazing to watch the little bee highway as they traveled in and out of the hive, stopping at the door to relay the location of pollen to the other bees.

IMG_0121 - Copy

Besides just having hives to keep bees, this keeper with the help of her grandchildren, painted the bee boxes making them an attraction in her yard as well as a functioning hive. This of course made me think of some of the bee themed flags we stock and suggested she may wish to add a bee themed flag or two to this beautiful setting.IMG_0117 - Copy

You can find items with bees in the birds, bugs and critters theme, or you can always use the search bar on the Flagsrus website to find a specific interest.

So next time you see a bee buzzing by, just sit back and watch as they go about their work.


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