July 26, 2015 1 min read


While at a friends house having coffee on the back porch, I could not help but notice his collection of yard spinners. They were quite relaxing to watch as the breeze blew, causing them to whirl and spin like little dancers. My friend said how his grandchildren love them, especially the clown fishdecoration. They were mixed in nicely with their yard flags, he explained he and his wife just didn’t get around to planting flowers this year, so this was a fun and easy substitute.



The fish out of water flags are like a little wind sock, they bob and weave as the breeze blows through them, could you just see having one of these on a boat, how fun!


Our yard spinner collection starts as simple as the standard pinwheel and ventures into a variety of themes like hot air balloons, animalstrains, planes and automobiles! A spinner is a great stand alone yard decoration or add them to your existing theme like fairies, butterflies or maybe garden gnomes. We even have a few characters riding bikes.

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Yard spinners are a great attention grabber, I have even seen people use them to help advertise a garage sale or flea market, so they are fun and useful! So whether looking for a way to spruce up your yard or business or even add a splash of fun to the boat, we hope you find a yard spinner that suits your style.



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