May 11, 2017 2 min read

It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May, when all the graduations begin blissfully mid-day! I recently attended the graduation of my ‘little’ red-headed niece who now stands at 5’10”. She studied at a conservative, midwestern Christian college and double majored in geology and archeology. What a smartie! 

Before her commencement ceremony began, the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps.) graduates were commissioned in a separate ceremony. As we waited around outside for pre-ceremony picture taking, we watched as families took photos with the new officers, crisp and proper in their uniforms. 

A little later, two future officers led the college commencement procession with the U.S. flag and the college flag. They handled those flags with such grace and precision, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Everyone attending commencement had the opportunity to recognize and honor the fourteen new officers. There were singled out as, one by one, they crossed the platform, their name and next assignment spoken aloud. These young men and women would be leaving soon for active duty or for more advanced education. Unlike many of the graduates, they will not be going home to live with mom and dad.

How is it that Mother’s Day is scheduled during the month that also marks children's transition away from home after high school or college - sometimes for places far away and for a long time? It must not be an accident, but a synergistic opportunity for children to recognize their mothers as mothers are celebrating their children’s academic milestones.

Respect and gratitude are lifelong character traits that serve a person well. In fact, Moms who sacrifice for and pour out their hearts for their kids deserve a hearty thanks from all of us. Double that for military moms! (By the way, Saturday, May 20 is Armed Forces Day.)

So, Happy Mother’s Day and thanks to all you moms, and best wishes to all the new graduates, and don't forget our flags for honoring your favorite mom or graduates this year!

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