New St. Patrick's Day Flags

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St. Patrick's Day is March 17. It's a global celebration of Irish culture of remembrance of the Saint of Ireland's death in the 5th century.  Americans celebrate it with parades, parties and in bars with friends and other revellers.

Don't forget to decorate for the holiday. An easy and fun way to decorate is to display flags in your yard or on your house. America Forever brand has new St. Patrick's Day flags for the holiday. They come in house size and garden size. America Forever flags are printed in the USA and are double sided meaning any text is readable from both sides. Please continue reading to find out more about these newly designed flags.

Accessories, such as poles or stands seen in photos, are sold separately.


Look at the lucky kitty above on the Emerald Paws Pot O' Gold flag. He has a green Irish hat on his head and a green bow at his neck. He sits happily in a green pot of gold coins. Green clovers are spread in the white background. On the pot it says Happy St. Patrick's Day. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE.


A pretty, simple yet bright and noticeable flag for the holiday is the Emerald Elegance Shamrock flag seen above.  A large green shamrock which is the national emblem of Ireland, is in the middle of this flag. Smaller 4 leaf shamrocks are scattered around the white background of the flag. Four leaf shamrocks are considered to be lucky. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE.


A large green shamrock is the main object on the Celtic Clover Festivities flag seen above. Filling in the background are Celtic knots, horseshoes and 4 leaf clovers. The 2 banner message reads Happy St. Patrick's Day. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE. 


Look at the bright colors on the Leprechaun's Treasure flag above! A colorful rainbow shines above a black pot of gold coins. Celtic knots are in each corner. Four leaf clovers and gold coins are scattered around the flag too. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE. 


Double your luck with a gnome and 4 leaf clovers as seen on the St. Patty Gnome flag above. Mythical gnomes bring luck to humans that earn their trust and a 4 leaf clover is considered to be a lucky symbol. The gnome above has clover, butterflies and a black pot of gold near him. His green cap has a shamrock on it too. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE.


A large green Irish buckle hat is on the Irish Lucky Day flag seen above. On the green background is shamrocks in shades of green and gold coins.  On the hat is Happy and rest of message St. Patrick's Day is near the bottom of the flag. House size info is HERE. 


 Three rowdy and happy gnomes are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with 2 large mugs of cold beer on the Leprechaun Trio Festivities flag above.  They are standing close by each other probably singing a good old Irish song while enjoying their mugs of Irish ale! A black pot of gold with the word Irish on it, is in front of them. Along the top of the flag it reads Happy St. Patrick's Day. Green shamrocks fill the background. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE.


Awww, what a cute kitty that is on the Lucky Charm Kitty Delight flag above. A green eyed, orange tabby sits in a silver pot with green shamrocks around it. He wears a green leprechaun hat.  House size info is HERE. Garden size is HERE. 


The St. Patrick's Day Clover flag above has a large green clover or shamrock. Written on the clover is Happy St. Patrick's Day with small clover designs. The green background is lighter than the clover so the clover stands out. The flag has a white border. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE.   


Another cute Irish kitten is the little orange tabby sitting in the pot in the Lucky Charm Feline Fortune flag seen above. His big green eyes are hard to miss! He has one clover on his paw while sitting in a pot. Around the pot are gold coins and more clover. A bright green Irish hat is on his little head. House size info is HERE. Garden size info is HERE. 

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Remember to wear green on St. Patrick's Day or get pinched!




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Joyce Marie
Joyce Marie

March 05, 2024

Thank you Vicky for another very informative blog! I hadn’t seen the gnome one before so that’s going to be the next one I order this evening 💚. I appreciate all you do for us to keep us informed and let us know what’s going on and what’s available and what’s new, thank you! 😁🤗🧡

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