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There's nothing like home grown tomatoes! Don't you agree? For years, we've planted one tomato plant in the spring. Since my household only consists of my mother and me, one plant is enough. A few days ago, my brother and I planted a beefsteak tomato plant. Well, he did the work while I supervised. ha ha 

We planted it in a bottomless metal cylinder by the garage. A metal trash can lid is kept over it when nothing is planted there. When my brother lifted the lid, there was a huge black widow spider there. Close call since he hadn't put gloves on yet.

He pulled a few weeds out and worked the soil some. I had bought a bag of organic mix to add to the soil. Tomato plants like full sun, preferably at least six hours daily. Trim off lower leaves, don't bury them. Plant deep. Watering in mornings is best. Water regularly and deeply. Irregular watering can cause blossom end rot and cracking. After fruit begins, you can ease up on watering. Of course, if there is a hot, dry spell it may need more water. 

 After it was planted, a tomato cage was put over it. This will help support the plant as it grows. 

I went to get water from the outdoor spigot and a skink was watching me. 

I had also bought a pretty orange gerber daisy. It was planted in a pot and put on the front porch. Callie, the cat, likes it too!

I can't wait for my first tomato!

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May 08, 2019

There surely isn’t anything like a home-grown tomato! I can’t wait for mine either..Thanks for the tips!

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