Officially Knighted!

by Jeanne Barr September 06, 2017 3 min read

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As I am writing this post, my husband and I have just dropped our oldest daughter off at college, and yes, the tears are running down my cheeks like crazy.

Our oldest daughter was accepted at college on a music scholarship and will be studying Music Education and Music Therapy. We are so excited for her and blessed that she has this opportunity to pursue her dreams at an amazing college. Part of beginning your college career at this school is going through the Knighting Ceremony to officially make you a Knight.

So many amazing things have lined up for her in order for her to attend this college—one being the scholarship and another being the location in such a small town, which she likes. It is only two and a half hours away from home and one of her best friends is also attending with her.

Another blessing that she received was in the meeting of her roommate. It was so amazing when we were just visiting the campus for the first time and the girls just happened to smile at each other and say hi. As we walked past, my daughter said to me, "Mom, I want to meet that girl."  While she was otherwise occupied, I approached her and told her my daughter would like to meet her. She was so sweet and said that would be great. So began the friendship, which then led to roommates and most likely a lifetime friendship.

Many times I think we forget how blessed we are and about the daily blessings we receive. FlagRUs has some amazing Blessings Fall Flags to help remind you and your neighbors of how blessed we truly are.

To celebrate our daughter going off to college, she requested that we have a family dinner, prepared by none other than Grandma. So requests were pouring into grandma for what everyone wanted to eat. No one could really agree with any one item, so Grandma, of course, ended up making a huge meal. Mattie requested apple pie and roasted potatoes, Jordan requested mashed potatoes, Lydia requested strawberry pie, Izzy requested homemade noodles, and I requested roasted veggies. Take a peek at the delicious feast we had.

As you can see, there is also a lemon pie. Grandma decided to make that as well, since she had an extra crust left over. Yum! What a blessing to have such a great meal with all of my favorite people, celebrating all the wonderful gifts we have been given.

I was also thinking about what a great idea it would be to get a welcome mat for your favorite college kid to have at their front door. A great reminder of home, or their favorite things. Take a look at the FlagsRUswebsite to pick the perfect one.

As we are getting closer and closer to home and miles farther away from our daughter, I dry my eyes and know that she has been given a gift, and this is a new journey that we all are going on. Bittersweet would be how I would describe my feelings.

As your kiddos or grandchildren head off to school, give them a big hug and give thanks for having them in your life.

Happy Trail Farm is thankful for all of our blessings. You are BLESSED!

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September 26, 2017

Wartburg!!!! My parents went there! I went to the rival – Luther! I hope she has a fabulous year!

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