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Growing up, whenever I gave my family a card, I usually made it. I would almost always write a poem to the family member, which started out with the words, "Roses are red, violets are blue..." Usually it ended with something funny to make the person laugh.

The violet in this picture has been blooming for several weeks now; it just keeps getting bigger and bigger—truly blossoming in the location that it is in. It makes me think of all of us. Are we blooming where we are? Are we not getting enough sunlight or perhaps too much? 

Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions concerning what we want to accomplish. Sometimes we are choosing to take on more than we really need to. Sitting on the porch and having a cup of coffee or just taking a few minutes a day to do nothing seems to be something of the past. Instead, people are hurrying through life as quickly as possible. Just as this plant has found it's perfect place, I challenge you to create a quiet spot where you can relax, smell the roses, and just do nothing but reflect.

Take a look at what has available to help you create your own perfect place, whether it be on your porch, around a fire pit, in a flower garden or in an entry way. They have something for everyone.

Sometimes we need a reminder to stay in our perfect place—just a little bit longer. 

Roses are red, violets are blue. Happy Trail Farms sends blessings to you!

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May 09, 2019

In my “quiet place” in the garden are many items from your store…and that is where my many inspirations come from…

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