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Approximately 12 years ago this coming February, my niece called me to see if I would be interested in adopting a stray dog that she had found. I told her that I wasn't for sure and that I would like her to keep her for a few days to make sure that she was well behaved and would be okay with all the kiddos in my house.

My niece kept this long haired, ungroomed, friendly little pup for the rest of the week and called me to say that she was very well behaved and thought she would fit perfectly in our family.

So we planned the 3 hour trip to go to her house and pick her up.

It was love at first sight, for me anyway.  My niece had taken her to the vet and found out that she was a Pekanese female, that was not claimed by anyone for several weeks. So we were given permission to adopt her, if we wanted.

I knew that I wanted her, so we loaded her in the car and headed back home. On the way, we had to discuss what in the world would we name our new girl. By the time we got home, we had it narrowed down to 3 names, so we let our son choose and it was Emma.

Emma proved to be the perfect addition and began spending her days at my in home day care and getting loved by many little people. She had her favorites and would snuggle in at naptime with one of them and usually end up with more of the blanket than they would.

Jump ahead now to the end of 2018 and our sweet Emma was starting to show signs that she had cancer. We tried a few different attempts to help her, but in the end, the vet was not able to stop the growth, so we went home to make the decision of how to keep her comfortable.

She did very well for a few weeks and did not seem to have any pain, so we chose to just keep loving her and enjoying her

One of our favorite things to do was to give her a bath and wrap her up in a blanket and she would rock like a little baby and fall asleep. This unfortunately proved to be her last bath time.

We knew that the time had come to say goodbye. I am so thankful that we have a wonderful veterinarian close by that truly helped me with the decision. As I said my final goodbyes, I was so thankful that I had the chance to love Emma for almost 12 years.

Do you have a favorite pup that has gone onto heaven? Take a peek at this flag from the FlagRUs website. I will be ordering one to help me remember the blessing of having Emma in my life.

Happy Trail Farms is grateful for all of our pets we have had the privilege of loving throughout the years.

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January 16, 2020

Thank you so much for your kind words Marcia!

Marcia Konopka
Marcia Konopka

January 16, 2020

Dear Jeanne, I am so sorry for your loss. Your story is touching and I hope you may one day open your door to another homeless pup or kitty. Emma would smile and you’d also honor your little Emma. To also have a daycare in your home, I know your heart is huge! Your letter brought home many memories…the boys were always bringing home strays. At one point we had Muffy, a college educated rat that needed a home. LOL Emma was a tiny beauty! Thanks for sharing your lovely story. No need to print this.

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