September Flags

by Tricksy Tania September 20, 2019 3 min read

Fall Flag

These September flags are sure to get you in the mood for fall!

Yes, it's finally that time of the year again. Although I’ll admit that summer was fun with endless pool parties, long lounges on the beach, multiple ice cream induced brain freezes, and other fun in the sun activities, nobody can withstand scorching heat and blinding light for 365 days a year.

This is why we should get excited about the spectacular month of September! September is the 9th month of our calendar. The month of September is often associated with the beginning of the autumn season and with it comes the themes of back to school, colourful leaves, and other fun fall activities. September is the perfect time to get back into the swing of a routine or to start a whole new one. So, with all of us ‘falling’ back into a scheduled life, it's time to pick up our pencils and plan on how to celebrate the month of September with some wonderfully themed flags. Here are a few September flag ideas to help get you back on track.

School Themed Flags

School Themed Flag
Nothing says September than back to school. From big bear hugs as you send your kids to their very first day of preschool to wiping away a tear as you wave goodbye as your teenager moves into their college dorm, school is a concept that is practically a synonym for September.

This is why September is the perfect month to display your school themed flags. There are numerous symbols that you can use on your flags to make them school themed. To start with, too many kids, their favourite part of starting school is all of that back to school shopping!

Such items that many kids will have on their shopping lists as they head back to school can make exciting additions to any September themed flags such as pencils, books, erasers, pens, markers, crayons, scissors, backpacks, sheets of paper, notebooks, lunch boxes and practically any form of stationery. To add on, no one can overlook the classic, bright yellow school bus as a universal symbol of September and back to school. In fact, why not be obvious and have a flag with a picture of a school?

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Nature-Themed Flags

Nature Flag
With September comes the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. And with the changing seasons, it's time to say goodbye to summer elements in nature and welcome in the fall elements. First things first, perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of fall are the changing colours of the leaves on the tree.

In September, we slowly see the luscious green trees shed their leaves but not before they change themselves in beautiful shades of yellow, outstanding bursts of red, classic tones of brown and rich hues of orange. However, the party doesn’t stop there as we can then collect these leaves into a heaping pile which just so happens to also look stunning on a fall-themed flag.

To continue, there are multiple other sources of nature-related concepts that are associated with fall that look amazing on a September themed flag. Such concepts include pumpkins, apples, squash and acorns which are all crops that produce a bountiful harvest during the fall months. With so many ideas, be creative and celebrate the month of September with a beautiful themed flag.

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