Welcome Fall With Flags!

by Vickie Kulp September 27, 2019 2 min read

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As I write this, it is a hot August day. I look forward to cooler temperatures in the upcoming fall season. I also look forward to displaying my fall themed flags in my yard. Flagsrus has many fall flags. There's something for everyone!

One of my favorites of my own fall flags is the Bird Feeder Gathering double sided garden flag in the photo above. I can honestly say it's a very brightly colored flag. I also love birds. You can order yourself one HERE. It's on sale for under nine dollars! UPDATE 9/27/2019 This flag is no longer available. Sorry.

Do you live near a beach or are you a beach lover? The Coastal Pumpkins double sided house flag with decorated pumpkins and a sea gull perched on a pylon is perfect for you. Click HERE for details. You can order in garden flag size HERE.

Look at the playful kittens on the Kitten Cornucopia house flag above. Who doesn't enjoy watching the antics of kittens? Flag details are HERE.

Personally, I love the country so I agree with the words "Life is better in the Country" on the Life In The Country double sided house flag. Ordering details are HERE.


Scarecrows aren't always scary. Look at the smiling scarecrow on the Friendly Scarecrow house flag. Even the crows like him! This flag is perfect for fall and/or Halloween. You can order it HERE. 

The glow of the lantern on the Fall Lantern Welcome double sided house flag gives me the feeling of warmth on a cool autumn evening. House flag details are HERE.  Garden size flag can be seen HERE. 

Surprise a man with a flag with a truck on it. A red truck is on the Welcome Harvest Truck house flag sold HERE. Or a garden size flag sold HERE.  An old blue truck is on the Pumpkin Truck Farm house flag seen HERE. Comes in garden size too HERE.  I like the old barn and the geese flying over.

 Lots of ways to save money when ordering! Look at the fall items priced ten dollars and under HERE.   Buy one flag, get another ten percent off. It's always free shipping on all US orders! Check out the rewards program HERE.  Earn points to get discounts on purchases! 

There are over two thousand fall items on flagsrus.org! There's also doormats, mailbox covers, door decor and more items to decorate your yard and house for fall.  Look at everything HERE.   Have fun looking!


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betty blaney
betty blaney

September 30, 2019

Vickie Kulp I love your flags and comments under each one of them you have soooo many pretty flags in your collection. I love seeing all the pretty flags hung outside for everyone to see.

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