Spring Snow to Solomon's Seal

by Linda Moritz June 06, 2018 1 min read

Although our spring weather was sketchy at best and, in fact, broke long standing records for coldest days ever, spring/summer did finally arrive in Chicagoland. Pictured is the coldest April 16th in recorded history, followed by a picture taken last week. 

 Right now I'm lounging poolside, enjoying the fine weather at my daughter's six a.m. swim practice; the heat of the day is hours away and if I close my eyes I can almost convince myself that the steady drone of splashing is actually the ocean.

Yesterday, two of my kids joined me for a walk at the Crabtree Nature Center in Barrington, IL. Conditions were ideal with the possible exception of mosquitoes; even one mosquito is one too many. Thankfully, there seemed to be just as many dragonflies, my favorite insect, and plenty of birds to round out our stroll.

This beautiful Great Egret took flight several times while we meandered around the pond and each time we just stopped and watched him fly.

 I kept hearing the Jurassic Park soundtrack in my head and wondering, "Where are the dinosaurs?" Here's a prehistoric party garden flag in case no real dinosaurs show up on your nature walk, either.

There were plenty of plants, bushes, trees and flowers at the nature preserve. There was solomon's seal, wild columbine and a small daisy-like flower to highlight just a few. 

I hope you choose to be a part of whatever this season offers in your part of the world. Happy Spring!

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