Spring Bucket List Ideas

by Tricksy Tania May 10, 2019 3 min read

Spring bucket list ideas

Spring Flower Field
Whether you want to hop like a bunny, sing like a bird or swim like a fish, there’s no denying the inner feeling that we are all experiencing this time of year. It’s time for everybody to celebrate! Yes, Spring has officially sprung once again. Everyone is waking up from their long winter slumbers and breathing in the fresh air, smelling the flowers and basking in the bright, warm sun yet again. With so many new things facing you head on, you might feel overwhelmed. However, the urge to explore and be active is obviously present and growing stronger with each passing day. So, if you want to experience this season to the fullest I have compiled a list of essential and classic activities that can help you to get into the spring spirit.

Find a baby animal
Baby Birds in Nest

Spring fever hits many of us in different ways. This being said, animals feel this sensation as well. Spring is a season where our waddling, crawling, flapping and swimming friends either wake up from their well-rested hibernation, travel back from their fun vacation or simply just shake off the last of the winter chills.

However, these changes often come with a new face or two. The spring season is often associated with birth as many animals choose to have their offspring during this time. So, why not go scouting for these adorable little bundles of joy this year? From fuzzy chicks to fluffy cubs, go out and see the beauty of new life through the eyes of a newborn.

Plant a garden
Gardening Tools
Since spring often brings warmer weather than its predecessor season of winter, the living things that reside within the earth are also now able to escape their icy cages and reemerge into the warm air. Yes, I’m talking about a rainbow array of plants. Whether they are meant to be eaten or just to look nice, it's time for plants to start growing again. This being mentioned, why not share in the beauty of mother natures plants and grow some for yourself? You can do this by planting a garden outside of your home after purchasing seeds or regrow plants from a gardening centre in your neighbourhood. Also, since it is your garden, you can choose to have any fruits, vegetables or flowers in any colours that you want.

Go flower picking
As I mentioned above, spring is an ideal time to start cultivating a garden, though it must also be considered that sometimes Mother Nature can’t be tamed. Old Mother Earth always has a few tricks up her sleeves but these tricks can come in the form of gifts such as beautiful wildflowers. From dainty, white snowdrops to bright yellow dandelions, gorgeous wildflowers are literally popping up in every crack and corner of the earth now that the ground has defrosted. This being said, why not bring the glory of the wilderness inside your home by picking a bouquet of pretty wildflowers? Also, not only will this bouquet add a sense of spring season attractiveness to your place, but it will also provide a sweet fragrance to awaken your senses.

Dine al fresco
Family Picnic
Just to mention before I start this next point, you might have to wait a little bit before you do this activity due to April showers and growing times. Likewise, you can incorporate one of the previous activities that have been outlined with this activity. If you choose to grow your own vegetables this year in your very own garden, I highly recommend that you eat them in your garden too! However, if your garden is too small, you can always substitute for a nice park or a serene public garden as well. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruit and vegetables and the fact that you put your hard work and effort into growing them improves the taste even more. Supermarket crops with potential chemical interference just can’t compare. You can always go fancy and cook your vegetables into a 5-course picnic or simply wash off the dirt and bite in!

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