Spring Cleaning Tips

by Tricksy Tania May 03, 2019 2 min read

Spring Cleaning Tips

Through back the covers and crack open the windows. Spring has sprung! With the arrival of the new season comes the realization that we have been slacking off during the winter months when it comes to the level of tidiness that we have kept in our households. As we awaken from our winter slumber we are confronted with alarming and hideous amounts of dust that have built up during our post-holiday hibernation habits. Time for some annual and much-needed spring cleaning. Here are some tips to help you get going!

Clean from top to bottom
window cleaning

As far as cleaning goes, the top-down approach is your way to go. In this method of cleaning, any dust that you knock off from the top of whatever you are cleaning, be your ceiling corners or the top of a bookcase, will fall to the bottom of the room if it doesn’t get picked up by your cleaning tools such as your duster or vacuum. This way, as you end your spring cleaning with a quick mop, vacuum or sweep, you will pick up any fallen reside that came from your earlier cleaning ventures.

Sweep towards the door
broom, mop and dust pan

Or vacuum. Or mop. This helpful trick counts for any method of floor cleaning you choose. Although mostly persistent with dustpans, haven’t you ever realized that there is always that little bit of dirt left over once you are done your cleaning session? By working in a motion that leads you to your door, you can easily get rid of this annoying little issue by giving it the boot and kicking it to the curb outside your home.

Be prepared
cleaning lady holding supplies

Not only is this a cleaning tip, but it should also be taken into consideration in practically every event that comes your way in life. To put it simply; be prepared. To begin, have all of your cleaning equipment on hand before you begin to spruce up your place. This includes your broom, mop, vacuum, duster, lint roller or any other cleaning tool that you might need during your spring cleaning routine. Also, make sure that all of these forms of equipment are clean or fully charged if needed before you start cleaning your house in order for them to work effectively. Secondly, make sure that you have all of your cleaning sprays, polishes, soaps, and any other chemical related cleaning products that you also might need during your spring cleaning adventure. In addition, you should also stock up ahead of time with natural cleaning solution ingredients such as lemons, baking soda and vinegar as these homemade cleaning methods are effective, easy, safe on the environment and cheap.


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