May 15, 2020 3 min read

The Benefits of Decorating a Garden with Flags during Covid 19

Turn on the news channel, open up a newspaper, go online. What might just be the biggest event of the decade is unfolding before our very eyes. On March 11, 2020, the WHO, otherwise known as the World Health Organization, officially announced that the illness known as Coronavirus 19 had gotten the title of a pandemic. A pandemic is an illness that affects the majority of countries around the globe. Since that day, numerous governments in many different countries have been putting restrictions on certain services, cancelling public events, imposing strict rules and have been urging their citizens to practice self-isolation and proper hygiene. 

Everybody has been affected by coronavirus 19 whether they have caught the virus or not. Perhaps some of you have lost your jobs, or know someone who has caught the virus or even had some plans cancelled on you. You might be feeling stressed, depressed, irritated, bored or confused. However, all of these feelings are normal and it’s important to know that you are not the only one feeling this way. 

The most important thing during times like these is to take care of yourself physically and mentally. It’s easy to take care of yourself physically. This means eating right, practicing social distancing, and exercising. Taking care of yourself mentally can be a bit harder though. You can take care of yourself mentally by keeping yourself entertained through activities, staying calm by practicing mindfulness and trying your best to stay upbeat.

One great way in which you can take care of yourself is by decorating your home with garden flags. Here are 3 ways which decorating your home with garden flags can help you get through the coronavirus 19 pandemic.

  1. It will keep you Distracted

In modern days it’s nearly impossible not to be associated with the technology is some form. From having to type up a report on your computer, contacting someone with a phone call, or, in this case, keeping up with the latest news on coronavirus 19 on your local news channel, technology is everywhere. Although it’s good to stay connected to loved ones even when practicing social distancing, with the constant bombardment of social media, you are often subjected to depressing and often false information. This is why decorating your garden with an America forever flag will be a great distraction to the craziness of the world today by allowing you some much needed time away from technology. Nothing is more distracting than a beautiful, colourful and intricately designed flag such as this one!

2. It will keep you Active

Even with all the closures and job losses, many governments are still trying to ensure that their citizens are not bored. However, there are only so many shows that a person can watch at one time. This is why decorating your garden with an America forever garden flag is a fun activity that can keep boredom away. One great way that you can also be active during these times is by going on a fun bike ride. You can express your love of bike riding on your garden flag by using this flag for instance;

3. It will make you Happier

Let's face it, any type of illness is depressing and anxiety-inducing. As well, when social distancing, those negative feelings are amplified. This is why it is important to try and stay happy during these tough times. One way to do this is by decorating your garden with an America Forever garden flag. Not only is it fun, but bright colours and whimsical designs, such as this flag, will add a little joy to anyone's day! Also, since it is a neutral flag, you can keep the fun going by trying to place it in different spots in your garden.

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