April 21, 2020 2 min read


When I see a bluebird in my yard after a cold winter, I know spring is near. Soon I can pack away my winter flags and hang my spring flags- some which have  bluebirds. Flagsrus has many different flags featuring bluebirds. Please keep reading to find out about some of the bluebird flags on flagsrus.org.

THE WELCOME BLUEBIRD double sided house flag above is brightly colored! A bluebird is perched on a branch of berries with daisies around it. The words Welcome Friends can be read correctly on both sides of the flag. For ordering  details click HERE. 


THE PORTLY LOVEBIRDS burlap house flag above is a pretty flag with embellishments. Burlap flags are made of durable, high quality burlap to last year after year. For a closer look and ordering details click HERE. 


THE DELIGHTFUL BLUEBIRDS double sided house flag above is full of color. Two bluebirds, one in flight and one perched on a birdhouse, are on this flag. Two butterflies flutter around a garden of blue and yellow flowers below the birdhouse. The word Welcome is in white color on a yellow background and readable on both sides of the flag. For ordering details click  HERE.


THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM double sided house flag above has two bluebirds flying back to their nest with their prized mealworm in their beak. They look happy! Below them is field of yellow daffodils. This is an America Forever brand flag. For ordering details click HERE.  Flag pole not included. 


THE SPRING IN THE WOODS double sided house flag above is another America Forever flag. Two bluebirds are sitting on an old wagon in the woods.  Sunlight is shining down on them. For ordering details click HERE. Flag pole not included. 


THE BLUEBIRDS IN THE MORNING double sided house flag above features two bluebirds. One is perched on the handle of a pitcher and the other bird is on a matching cup. Brightly colored flowers surround the scene. For ordering details click HERE. 


THE BACKYARD BIRDBATH house flag above has a little bluebird perched on the edge of a birdbath ready to take a refreshing drink or maybe a bath. For ordering details click HERE. 

The above house flags are only a few that Flagsrus has that feature the pretty bluebird. See more bluebird house flags by clicking HERE  and garden flags by clicking HERE

It's always FREE SHIPPING in the USA. Buy one flag, get another for 10% off! If your flag choice is out of stock, Flagsrus will notify you when it's back in stock. Just provide your email address on the flag's description page. So go now and pick out your spring bluebird flag! 



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