Decorating For Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is the holiday to honor  American veterans of all wars. It is on November 11. Veterans Day started as Armistice Day on November 11, 1938. In the aftermath of WWII and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day.

Show your respect and pride for these brave men and women by displaying a flag or other patriotic decoration from Flagsrus. Please continue reading to find out more about these items.


Personalized All American Old Wood

A personalized flag is a meaningful way to honor a veteran you know by having their military photo on a flag. There are many designs to choose from. All America Forever flags are double sided. The All American Wood flag seen above is perfect for Veterans Day. It's easy to create one yourself. Directions are on the item page. This flag comes in house sizeHEREor garden size HERE. See all personalized flags HERE.


Are you a Vietnam veteran or know one? The Vietnam Veteran flag above is for that special veteran.  Helicopters fly over a jungle battlefield patrolled by soldiers. Message along the bottom reads VIETNAM VETERAN. This flag comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE. It also comes in a set of both sizes at a discount HERE. 


A child would be proud of his dad in the military. That's the message that the My Dad My Hero flag above conveys. A silhouette of a child walking hand in hand with his soldier dad is on a American flag background. The message along the bottom reads MY DAD MY HERO.  This flag is double sided. This flag comes in house size HERE and garden size HERE.



If you, someone in your family or someone you know is a veteran, the Proud Veteran flag above is made especially for that person. Along the top is a wavy American flag. Against a dark background the message reads PROUD VETERAN. Dog tags are below. This flag is double sided. House size is HEREand garden size is HERE.  A set of both sizes at a discount is HERE.    


Soldiers stand at attention and salute the American flag when seen as depicted on the Veterans Salute flag above. A wavy American flag is along the top. Our nation's bird, the bald eagle, is soaring in the sky in top right corner. A soldier stands saluting the flag. House size is HERE and garden size is HERE. A set of both sizes at a discount is HERE. 


Show your honor and respect for veterans with the Honor Our Veterans flag seen above.  A red border with stars is along the top and bottom. Against a blue background, the message reads Honoring all who served Veterans Day. Below the message is a  large red star, blue star and white star. This flag is double sided. House size is HEREand garden size is HERE. A set of both sizes at a discount is HERE. 




You can decorate your door also. The Patriotic Truck decor seen above is from Evergreen brand. It is made with weather proof, high quality burlap. It is one sided. It is a blue pickup truck with a flag across the back window and stars on the tailgate. It measures 16" x 20". It can be easily hung from your existing over the door hangers or wreath hangers or from a grosgrain ribbon. Details about the door decor can be seen HERE. Also seen above is the garden flag of Patriotic Truck.  See it HERE. It is displayed on a garden flag stand seen HERE. Or is can be displayed or other garden flag stands.  House size of the flag is HERE. 



Don't forget your mailbox.  Flagsrus has lots of mailbox covers to choose from. The American Flag mailbox cover from Carson brand seen above is one. Each side of your mailbox will have the American flag on it. This cover is made for metal mailboxes and measures 6.5" x 19". Carson Mailbox Covers are made of highly durable nylon and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Easily place over mailbox and magnet strips on underneath cover hold the cover in place. This mailbox cover is seen HERE. All mailbox covers can be seen HERE.



Windsocks are decorative and fun to watch while they move in a breeze. A patriotic windsock is the Stars & Stripes windsock seen above. It measures 4" W x 24" H x 4" D.  The attached swivel makes it easy to hang right away.  It's high quality, fade and weather resistant polyester material means it will last a long time with adequate care such as not hanging in strong wind. This windsock is HERE. All windsocks are HERE.



You can decorate your doorway outside or decorate a floor inside with a colorful doormat like the All American Old Wood doormat from America Forever brand seen above. It is one sided and measures 17.5" x 29". the message WELCOME is in white color against a blue background with white stars. The top and bottom edges have a red and white border. Full details about this doormat are HERE. All doormats are HERE.

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Get your order in soon so you'll be ready to show veterans you're grateful for their military service.





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Joyce Marie
Joyce Marie

October 26, 2023

Thank you Vickie! Always a good read, I appreciate your hard work on this for us🤗🧡. Veteran’s Day has always been special…I had one uncle who served in Korea in the Army and another uncle in Vietnam in the Air Force….and now my 2 oldest grandsons are in the Army and Army National Guard. These are all beautiful flags and things to honor all veterans. I just got the Thank You one to put up this year and it is so simply beautiful 🧡

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