February 14, 2020 2 min read

February is finally here at last. Although February is notoriously known as being one of the coldest months of the year, a great way to warm up is with a pinch of love. So what better day to celebrate a bit of romance than with February’s biggest holiday? This holiday is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a diverse holiday that many people celebrate in a variety of different ways.

However, even though all of these unique traditions exist, they all circulate the idea and goal of demonstrating one person's affection for another. There are many ways in which people show their affection. For example, some people kiss, others hug, many people give gifts and sometimes just lending an ear and giving some advice will suffice.

Although, nothing says love more than a wedding. This formal agreement between 2 lovers is a powerful ceremony. By promising a life of devotion and affection to is a huge milestone for many people. So why not celebrate this special occasion than with a heartfelt wedding-themed garden flag?! Here are a few wedding themed garden flag ideas that will make you say “I do”!


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Can you hear the bells? Church bells are ringing! A long-held tradition of a wedding is to get married in a place of worship. These places of worship usually have bells to let worshipers know when the service is starting and/ or ending. Since bells are synonymous with religious ceremonies, such as a wedding, this makes it a perfect image to include on your wedding themed flag.


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If you like them then you better put a ring on them! The traditions surrounding a wedding always involve a ring. For instance, when two people decide to get married, engagement is usually held which involves the offering of an engagement ring. Then, when a couple officially gets married, the wedding ceremony itself concludes with the exchange of wedding rings. This is why the image of a ring is a perfect addition to any wedding-themed garden flag. The images of the two rings are even better as it represents both people in the relationship.


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In conclusion, the reason for marriage boils down to love. True love this powerful between two people can never be broken and therefore calls for a lifelong commitment to cherish one another. The international symbol of a heart is meant to convey love in any language you speak. Therefore a heart is an ultimate symbol to include on your wedding themed garden flag.

The traditional colours for hearts can be red or pink as these colours are closely tied to feelings of love, romance and warmth. However, a heart can be any colour you prefer. To up your romantic feelings of affection, you can also put 2 hearts on your wedding themed garden flag to symbolize the 2 people who are getting married.

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