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Today, March 3rd, is National Soup-It-Forward Day and who could think of a more friendly holiday than that? As winter rides out the month of March, there's no better way to stay warm and nourished than a welcoming bowl of homemade goodness.  To then share that goodness with other folks is a practical way to bless your family, neighbors and co-workers! I've shared a lot of soup over the years and I have to say the giving of yourself and your tasty creation makes you feel just as warm inside as eating the soup yourself. (If winter isn't your thing, here's a quick preview of what's to come, if you live in the mid-west, anyway.)

I recently asked a colleague if he'd like me to bring him some soup, as I was bringing some already to an ill friend, and he said, "Yes! I never say no to soup." What a great philosophy. So although there are no flags or doormats available with that exact slogan, this pineapple mat offers a very hospitable way to greet all the visitors you'll be entertaining with pots of soup ready to go.

I grew up eating a lot of soup: chicken soup, potato soup with sausage or eggs, chicken noodle from a box (with the magic "flavor egg"), tomato soup with dense homemade noodles, a sweet "milk soup" with thin, diamond shaped handcrafted pasta pieces, and vegetable soups with countless, seasonal variations. I come from hearty German stock (pun intended), from a mother who, in the middle of August with no air conditioning, could be found melting over a hot stove, cooking soup for her ungrateful family. It is just her way and, looking back, I smile at her dedication and perseverance. Thanks, Mom! My frozen snow beast of a pup would surly appreciate a hot bowl of soup right now!

To an extent, I've continued the soup making tradition, often cooking it for guests or parties. I really enjoy all the prep and you can see from this photo, I don't mess around.

I have a fun little chopper that transforms any vegetable into perfect tiny cubes. Some vegetables, however, fulfill an entirely different destiny, like this carrot here.

I challenge each one of you to share some soup with friends this week. An unexpected savory surprise is sure to make someone's day extra special and will make you feel pretty darn great, too. Even if it's just a can of Progresso Minestrone (which my kids go bananas for) in a fancy bowl, heated to perfection, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Happy Soup (it forward) Day!

And if door mats are not your thing, these Art-Snaps are a fun way to spruce up your mailbox with some friendly flair. They are an inexpensive and easy way to make your mailbox a work of art. Give them a try!

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March 09, 2018

I love soup and a piece of toast for breakfast, nothing better.

Kat Ammann
Kat Ammann

March 04, 2018

Those veggies look so perfectly chopped and beautiful!

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