The Newest Fall Flags

August 18, 2023 4 min read 3 Comments


Fall is coming ya'll! Soon the days of unbearable heat will turn into days of cooler temperatures and colorful trees. Be ready to celebrate the return of fall with a NEW flag from America Forever. Their graphic artists have designed new flags for this fall season. America Forever flags have several good qualities such as being doubled sided so any message reads correctly on either side. Any poles seen in photos are sold separately. They don't come with the flag.  Please continue reading to see some of these flags.


As I mentioned in the intro, fall is a time for colorful trees with leaves of red, green and gold as are on the Fall Leaves Welcome flag above.  It has a black and orange gingham style top and bottom border. The message Welcome is at the bottom. House size can be seen HEREand garden size HERE.  A set of one each size at a discount can be seen HERE. 


One tradition of fall is carving a pumpkin or having one or more as decorations and of course for making pumpkin pies! The American Pumpkin Farm flag above shows a big red barn with an American flag displayed on top. Looks like this farmer had a good harvest! Many orange pumpkins are sitting along a path to the barn. House size can be seen HEREand garden size HERE.


I live in a historical city.  The Autumn In A Small Town flag above reminds me of the small town section of my city. This flag has a narrow one way street with a few vehicles and a pedestrian on the sidewalk. Large buildings are on the right side of the street. Tall trees of fall colors are along both sides of the street, some of their colorful leaves have fallen to the street and sidewalk. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE.


A pair of fox in a forest on a fall day are the subject of the Foxes In Fall Forest flag above. The forest consists of tall trees colorful fall leaves.  Surprise! There is a birdhouse in lower left corner with 3 birds scattered around in the forest. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE. 


Another flag with same type of design as the previous flag is the Forest Friends flag above. An assortment of wild animals are seen.  In the forest is also trees, mushrooms and small bits of leaves all in fall colors. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE.


Doesn't the Peaceful Autumn Valley above make you wish you were there? It looks like a quiet valley at dusk except for maybe a few birds singing. An old wagon filled with pumpkins of different colors sits at the top of a road leading to the valley. House size can be seenHERE and garden size HERE.


More wild animals can be seen on the Cute Fall Critters flag above. An assortment of cute forest animals sit in and atop a pumpkin. Sprigs of leaves are on the sides of the pumpkin. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE.


An American flag flies on a pole at a farm on the Old Pumpkin Farm flag above. In the background stands a weathered old barn with old farm vehicles outside. Pumpkins are in the foreground on a dirt road. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE.


Fall has its own special crops and flowers like pumpkins, apples, corn, gourds of many shapes and colors and more. These are some of the things on the Fall Gourds And Corn flag above. This flag is perfect for the fall season and also for Thanksgiving. House size can be seen HEREand garden size HERE.


Imagine walking down this road on a cool autumn evening. A beautiful sunset reflects on a crystal clear lake. A dirt path leads to a welcoming lake house. Cows roam free in the yard. I've described the Autumn Sunset flag above. House size can be seen HERE and garden size HERE.

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Remember the flags in this blog are NEW designs made by America Forever artists. Be one of the first to display one of these NEW fall flags.

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Enjoy the fall season!





3 Responses

Cheryl Flowers
Cheryl Flowers

September 11, 2023

Was sent the Wrong Flag ,So i just ordered the one i wanted again ! It was the Swing with Pumpkins on it ! Looks like my Swing ! Hope you still have it in stock? THANK YOU !!

Vickie Kulp
Vickie Kulp

August 24, 2023

Joyce Marie, thank you very much for your comment! I enjoy making the blogs! Getting comments like yours makes me enjoy them more.

Joyce Marie
Joyce Marie

August 24, 2023

I always enjoy reading your blog and this one has really helped me decide I want the American Pumpkin Farm for my next flag 😁. I live in a bigger city now and I sure do miss the small town where I came from and this would have been a common sight around there so this will be perfect for my yard for the fall 🧡. I also really like your story for Autumn In A Small Town….. reminds me of the downtown in the little town that I came from. Thank you for doing this for us! I always enjoy it and I appreciate your time and the personal touch you give to everything 🤗

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